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  Represented Identity of October: Asexuality

Asexuality is the lack or absence of sexual attraction. It does not imply that a person is uninterested in romantic relationships, cannot enjoy sex, or cannot find people aesthetically attractive. It should not be confused with celibecy or abstinence. Asexuality, like many identities, is a spectrum.
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Potter :)

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It’s not much but it’s what we can do, and it is perfect. This is Cam and I’s first Christmas together, and this is in our room in our apartment. (We have other roommates) we won’t get to spend Christmas Day together because we are both going home to visit our families. But this is by far the best Christmas ever. It is not the size, or the amount, or even the gifts that matters, what matters is that this year I got the best gift ever, Cameron. I love him so much and regardless of how much or how little we have we have each other and we have love and that is all that matters.

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I have the best girlfriend in the world :) this necklace that she got me will mean more to me than anyone could ever know. I embrace my trans* identity, and I love who I am!

Thank you so much babygirl you are so amazing!

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This is my best friend right now :)

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Ok so…


I’m getting surgery in the morning. I am still in a ton of pain… Ugh guise will you leave me love for when I get out :)

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T-Shirts to be Topless?


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OutServe Magazine: The New DADT: The Military’s Ban on Transgender Servicemembers

Excellent article profiling transgender people, both active and veterans, in the military. With DADT gone, this is obviously the next major milestone to aim for.

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I am going to alter the set post soon. People are upset that I said I was open to corrections but aren’t changing them. I have not been as active on tumblr as I used to be, and if I am active it’s on my main blog. I have a life and will get around to it very soon.

I will be changing:

  • Heterosexual to sexual attraction to someone of a different binary gender.
  • Polysexual to sexual attractions to multiple, but not all genders.

I also will make a side post about the definitions and why I chose to present them how I did. that link will then be added to the description, so look out for that as well.

I’ll probably do this all now while I’m in the mood.

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notesfrominsidethecloset Asked: Hey, we're a blog that posts ''coming out'' letters and we're just spreading the word on it. It'd be cool if you could support it in any way you can. There's many stories and lives on here so you might find some inspiration in it too. Thank you. Happy New Year :) -notesfrominsidethecloset

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Resources for FAAB, Non-Male Identified People Who Want Top Surgery





This is a compilation of resources for female-assigned-at-birth (FAAB), non-male identified people who want top surgery.  This document will include a list of surgeons who are willing to perform top surgery on genderqueer/non-male-identified people, as well as a list of blogs of people who want top surgery or have had top surgery but are not male-identified.

 This information has been collected from a variety of sources.  If there is something you see that needs to be added or corrected, please let me know.  I want to make this list as comprehensive as possible!

SURGEONS (Those who are italicized do NOT require a therapist’s letter)


  • Katy Koonce – Katy is willing to do phone sessions with and write letters for people all over the US.  Her contact information can be found here: http://katykoonce.com/contact.htm




Hmmm….in my hypothetical world where I do have top surgery, I would choose Fisher. It seems as if this is possible.

For those people needing or considering top surgery…

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